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" Memoirs of a Geisha

drafts of broken strings wands abyss of soulful trance, heart never rakes for corny departs.. let love be love not a wanderers art.

along the trails of unknown
whispers blaze in velvet blues
jab the off shore innocence
days are sick and cold, and
the skies are grey and old..

oceans pry heavens often
underneath lustrous stars in dark
stumbled with benevolent echoes
waves glitter thundering pearls
slowly as it vogues and rolls..

caught in dreadful dreams
or the darkness of disbeliefs
emptiness tickles lost echoes
colors of bursting laughters
hymns low with sobs of pain..

suns sets purple in chorus
vex my heart in seizing sphere
dangling distractions, the absence
her’s was a secret not see through
wonder the scars scorched on walls..

is this silence lingering,
or darkness dread splits,
to blossom light ritualize patience,
ill tampered and tainted by night..

patterns slither past my feet,
rendering haze in hushed crypts,
not with brushes or lustrous beats,
as pain camouflaged in deeds..

shall go down the uncharted,
bursting illusions bathe in grief,
ether caresses my veins calm,
fade all sporadic siestas….

innocent breath of bliss,
whirl me, the fate afar,
solitude ain’t a forte of mine,
fix my heart not tear me apart..

groove me to beats,
the trance, so divine,
let inner doors unbolt,
I’ve always thrive art…..


"Don’t try to say sorry, don’t try to say anything. I gave you my everything & you threw it all away & I try to build you up, but you just fall, you just fall, & I can’t save you no more. No one can save you from yourself. No one can save you. No one can save you from yourself. I call for you but you never come. You wrote me up & just left me undone. You showed me who I can’t be, so you enjoy your life of lonely misery. & I try to build you up, but you just fall, you just fall, & I can’t save you no more. No one can save you from yourself. No one can save you.”

every other moment,
I try not to think,
try not to believe,
try not to remember,
moment the void was filled,
you disappeared in dark …

hours were irrational,
not my heart ever was,
to dress the loneliness,
you hand picked me for,
I wish you would have shot,
not let me burn in thoughts …

canvas paint blues evenly,
universe hues no more,
for every mischievous smile,
that animates your face,
I always went lengths,
away millions miles apart …

wandering across the oceans,
time lingers unhurriedly,
moon, stars and earth’s steady,
been wondering all this time,
whose name surface your tongue,
when you muddle sparkling fibs …

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moment rain comes to still,
shadows fill memories,
in the whispers I fear,
I begin to disappear..

was not hide and seek,
cast by bodies we conceive,
It burns clear in the eyes,
the dreams seized in rain..

pleasures ain’t fragments,
encroach the breath slow,
I have scars of being you,
eternally underneath me..

No more I dream to take off,
I’m a loner without a home,
not sensitive, emotional and fragile,
to regrets you always gasp..

I’m not afraid where I might end,
limping into the mists as we drift,
not with a kiss,
not with a look…

I make sense for you to laugh,
not fade in paradox of dark,
for you to expect me,
roots trace in wild…

How can I be true,
If every word of yours,
is smeared in lies..

ever other moment I tried,
to extremes I hover for,
doves to unite..

You bought me a coffin,
told sleep while it bleeds,
for love to hold true..

happily I went inside,
fade and remorse color,
walls outside in sighs..

moments passed and days,
love’s hate more a shame,
go away that’s your game..

leaves unsway’d a foolish heart,
or feelings delight in alternate thot’s…

Persuade my foolish heart,
no more thee m slave,
of your intrusive mass…

my sins makes me determine,
punishment or not you’re,
no more what I always thought…

time to bid adieu whom you let rot….

Justification of the beliefs
or ramifications of the thoughts
beneath the wonders of self
down slides being me…

apart the borders reeks
hatred, beliefs and hues
neither spectrum nor shadows
fires lit hilarious visions

crumbles the mocking insights
hideous fears not anxious plights
woo thee flames of aspiration
her face is pious passion

locks are daisy incisions
walk besides me the floret
eau de toilette or gapes in canvas
lie me or her the presence

whisper where the soul wanders
horizon gleams the mystic stupor
one devious look and far seems
not as far she mystically blossoms

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